[A] decade’s worth of data derived from more than 700 companies strongly suggests that the rational way to achieve superior performance—focusing on its financial and operational manifestations by pursuing multiple short-term revenue-generating initiatives and meeting tough individual targets—may not be the most effective one.

Rather, our research shows that the most successful organizations, over the long term, consistently focus on “enabling” things (leadership, purpose, employee motivation) whose immediate benefits aren’t always clear. These healthy organizations, as we call them, are internally aligned around a clear vision and strategy; can execute to a high quality thanks to strong capabilities, management processes, and employee motivation; and renew themselves more effectively than their rivals do. In short, health today drives performance tomorrow.

—Colin Price, McKinsey & Co.

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“We asked Eric to help us untangle some difficult work relationships. He did an excellent job listening to everyone and prepared an insightful report that validated people's depth of concern. His analysis helped us focus attention on what's most important and opened the door for us to make some important changes. Equipped with Eric's perspective, analysis, and his facilitation help, we were able to fix relationships and substantially improve morale.”

Becky Pierce,
Assistant Administrator for
Patient Care Services,
Harborview Medical Center